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The Berlin Dragonfly

Insects don’t get much of a look-in on the automata front. Most of them have an annoying number of extraordinarily thin legs and aren’t generally as cuddly as cats and dogs, or even Koala bears. I feel this is rather an injustice, so I thought that it’s about time for an automata dedicated to that queen of the insect world, a dragonfly. They are quite showy creatures, glistening in marvellous colours while zooming decoratively around country ponds. 


One thought on “The Berlin Dragonfly

  1. Hello Kim,

    How delightful ! I also watched some of your older ones which I previously missed. And I see you have expanded into making little films! With great sound effects too. The pink flying elephant and the Belle of the Ball, and the flying saucer in your flat, all wonderful. You have such imagination and a great eye for detail. Hopefully there will be a little museum in future.

    It was also nice seeing your flat and balcony, looking very lovely.

    Lots of love to you and Gerhild – and also from Jason who was also tickled by your works.



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